Shadow is my Best Friend

Photoshop | HTML | CSS | JS

Project Description

This is an interactive comics project that tells a story about a lonely rabbit whose name is Oreo. His best friend is his shadow. However one day, after a heavy rain in Cookie Forest, his shadow disappears. So Oreo goes on his journey to find his shadow.

The comics aims to bring out a discussion on friendship and Love. It is readable for both children and adults, although they might have very different interpretations. Since loneliness is one necessary element of life that one must endures when growing up, friendship becomes even more precious for us to celebrate.


The background photos were taken when Wenqian was assisting Chinese Artist Song Dong to create his art installation Eating the City in Shanghai, August 2016. This was a seven days project to build a city’s model using different types of biscuits and cookies. Visitors would be invited to eat up the city in the last day. The same series of the project created by the same artist happened in London, Paris, New York and other major cities in the world as well.

The cute rabbit feature comes one of Wenqian’s favorite Chinese books, Picturing My Love, Honey, Honey by author Anthony and Painter Echo. Wenqian uses her storytelling, programming and photoshop skills re-creates a new short story with these two lovely art piece with her partner, Peter Huang.