Paper Crane

Sketch | User Experience Design

Project Description

Runner-up of Target Hackathon 2017.

Paper Crane is an app designed for left-behind children in China. Based on primary and secondary research, it aims to improve the communication quality between migrant parents who work in the city and their kids who are left in countrysides.

This app wants to solve their communication quality problem by ritualizing daily communication, combining virtual and physical, and hinting interesting topics. It includes sending out handwritten virtual app with picture/video/audio elements, reminding special days, launching daily interesting simple questions, and printing out cards in machines by QRCode.

The symbol of paper crane is inspired by a news that tells a story of a left-behind girl, who had a brain tumour surgery in her 13, wants to fold a thousands of paper cranes to wish her dad safe and happy working in the city. It represents the beautiful wishes to people who are far away.