Final Website Prototype
Balsamiq Mockup Demo

Find Your Travel Partner in China

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Project Description

TP China (Travel Partner in China) is a 7 weeks User Experience Design project created by Wenqian Hu and Shawn Gu. Noticing that traveling in China for foreigners can be difficult due to language barrier, we make this website sketch as a prototype of our idea which aims to provide international travelers a supportive community to get information about traveling in China more easily and comfortably. Having a partner to go with, having other people’s plan to refer to, consulting a local guide all can be the ways to solve the problem.

This project goes through complete User Experience Design process from initial a product idea, research, persona and scenario, narrative storyboard, interface mockup, transition diagram, flowchart, usability testing to final prototype.

TP China’s scheme color is bright pink, which gives users a welcoming feeling and also is another representation of “China’s red”. Most pages have a top banner with welcoming sentence to make users feel warm and cared. Users can skim other users’ traveling plan before they sign up account so that they have a desire to explore more. After logging in, the sidebar navigation will be on the side with 7 major sections of the website:

Home, Person Info, Launch a New Trip, Join Other's Trip,Manage Your Trip,Messages,Consult a Local.

After successfully confirmed a trip going with other TP China users, the website will send a loving alert of “Congratulations”, reaching the climax of user experience.